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Issue 01 • November 4, 2020
The Simple Machine
Ensuring safety & quality in the field.png
Obstacles to safety & health in field organizations
Mobile teams face a unique set of challenges: From inclement weather to inexperienced workers, all kinds of obstacles can prevent them from getting the job done. Worse, they can also pose a threat to their safety and health. Learn how mobile technology can help keep your field teams productive and out of harm's way.
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How to support the safety of your mobile teams
Join Fulcrum and OH&S Online for this Nov. 10 webinar and learn how to reduce incidents and foster a culture of safety at your business. Find out how mobile technology enables you to give your teams the in-the-moment guidance they need to follow the rigorous protocols that keep people safe.  Join the webinar ►
Creating a culture of quality.png
Nurture a quality culture in your field workforce
Foster an environment in which every member of your team — across your entire organization — truly cares about the quality of their work, and bases their decisions on achieving high levels of quality, not just meeting regulatory standards. Read more ►
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Supporting high levels of quality in mobile teams
The value of location-based data
The "Fulcrum Leverage" partner program
Not all heroes write code.png
Helping ordinary people do extraordinary things
The problem with spreadsheets.png
The problem with spreadsheets in the field
Modernizing your mobile workforce with Fulcrum
What we're reading
Leveraging low- and no-code tools to improve operational efficiency.
Now is a good time to reintroduce AED and CPR training for your teams.
Rigorous but flexible process management is key to guiding restarts.
How COVID-19 will continue to create problems for the industry next year.
Rethinking the design of overhead transmission structures.
What we're building
Here are a few of the most recent features we’ve introduced:
  • WORKFLOWS: With Fulcrum Workflows, you can streamline your processes by sending data collected in the field automatically to the people who need it, via email, text, or by pushing the data into other systems. Learn more.

  • REPORT BUILDER: The new Report Builder makes it easy to format and send professional-looking reports (containing only the data you want to share) with internal or external stakeholders. Learn more.

  • SHARED VIEWS: Like data shares but better, Shared Views enable you to select only the fields you want and share them easily, with anyone. The more people who are able to use your data, the more valuable it becomes! Now you can share the right data with other people without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. Learn more.
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