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Issue 05 • February 18, 2021
The Simple Machine
It's 5 o'clock. Do you know where your assets are?
Employees at a 50-person construction company spend, on average, 18,000 hours per year looking for equipment and tools. Can your firm really afford to waste that kind of time? Learn how a robust asset-management strategy reduces costly downtime and equipment losses.  

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Digitizing safety and compliance with Fulcrum
Join us for this webinar, where FM Sylvan's VP of Safety shares how digitizing his safety processes resulted in fewer incidents, lower insurance premiums, and higher rates of new and repeat business. Learn more  ►
Need to lower your EMR? Here's how
An ex-mod higher than the 1.0 average not only increases your insurance premiums, it limits your ability to win contracts and secure financing. In short, it affects your ability to do business. Try these proven steps to reduce it.   Read more ►
TODAY:  Put Fulcrum data in its place with Esri™
Time to lose the lowest-bidder requirement
3 reasons to use no-code apps in construction
Protect your projects (and profits) with Fulcrum
What we're reading
Too many residential homebuilding jobs, not enough skilled workers.
While some strides have been made, women still underrepresented in EHS.
Building or customizing technology solutions isn't just for IT anymore.
Stress and distraction pose significant challenge as pandemic evolves.
Achieving continuous improvement in the face of the pandemic.
What we're building
Privacy protection might not seem like a critical part of your job, but government regulations could cause trouble for you if your pictures unintentionally contain faces of people who are standing by. We're using AI to fix that problem, automatically identifying and obscuring faces in photos you take with Fulcrum. Look out for our formal announcement next week.
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