Fulcrum & CARTO partner to provide COVID-19 emergency response solutions

Fulcrum and CARTO deliver integrated solutions that simplify data collection, analysis, and visualization to accelerate COVID-19 response.

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Developed for healthcare organizations to gain an accurate picture of where safety measures have been taken and where action is required within and across facilities.

Created for essential businesses such as retail, transportation and property management organizations to validate cleaning and sanitization measures to protect workers and citizens.

Designed to facilitate real-time collection and visualization of Coronavirus-related data for government agencies, such as case numbers, outcomes, and ventilator availability or scarcity.

Fulcrum and CARTO are offering these solutions with support at no cost for a 90-day period, enabling organizations to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic and ultimately help our economies recover.

Fulcrum’s industry-leading data collection platform enables users to build custom, no-code apps for capturing information in the field. CARTO’s spatial analysis platform allows organizations to store, enrich, analyze and visualize collected data to gain geospatial insights. Together, these solutions address all three steps of the data lifecycle, from collection to analysis and data visualization.

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