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Harnessing Spatial Analysis to Mitigate COVID-19 Risk

With lockdown restrictions easing, businesses are reopening and people are going back to work. Employers must balance the need for productivity with employee safety and well-being or face the risk of sick employees and potential litigation.

You’ll learn:
  • Guidelines for protecting your employees
  • How you can prepare a longer-term indoor analytics strategy
  • Get a real-time picture of employee risk within a location and across an enterprise


Fulcrum tackles the nagging issues in your workflow, providing productivity-boosting benefits along the way.

Faster Decision Making

Real-time access to your data allows you to see what field teams are doing without waiting for the end of a workday. Faster access to your data means faster decision making.

More Accurate Data

Replace error-prone paper processes with Fulcrum forms, which have visibility, requirement, and validation logic built in, resulting in more consistent, accurate data.

Automated Workflows

Using native Fulcrum features, you can create custom, automated workflows that help you manage stages of projects and keep team members updated on progress along the way.


Eliminate workflow redundancy by easily building customized mobile forms in your browser. No coding knowledge required.

  • Customizable Building Blocks
  • Convert Paper Forms to Digital
  • Rich Media Collection
  • Code-Free Drag-and-Drop Interface

Here's what our customers are saying about Fulcrum

Simone Grounds

NSW Environmental Protection Authority

“The fact that you keep improving the product like this makes it way easier to promote it to other members of my organization."